Five Reasons I Love Onitama

Let’s be honest here: I’m not an abstract strategy game kind of girl.  Growing up, I could never beat my father in checkers. In junior high, I encountered a chess player who assumed I must not be intelligent, since I didn’t play chess.  That put me off abstract strategy games (and chess players) nearly entirely, and more than three decades later, I still don’t play chess.  Maybe I’ll get around to learning it someday.  Or, you know…not.

I’ll never understand how I managed to give birth to a son who so thoroughly enjoys chess. Where did I go wrong?

Okay, I’m jesting. Maybe. A little. He really does enjoy chess, and I really enjoy gaming with him, but in this house, “chess” and “with mom” are mutually exclusive. What we really needed was a game that feels chess-like, but plays faster and lighter.


Enter Onitama, published by Arcane Wonders.

I love this game.

Here’s why:

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Customer Service Wonders

Do you have a customer service horror story?  Maybe you were left on hold until half past forever. Perhaps you encountered customer service representatives who were uninformed, rude, or a day-ruining combination of both. Sometimes, it takes several days and multiple phone calls and emails describing the problem to get a solution to the simplest of issues.

I have my fair share of customer service horror stories.

But this isn’t one of them.

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Welcome to!  Expect to see reviews, reflections, and all sorts of thoughts about the board game hobby and various things surrounding it. As of August 2018, the site is still under construction, with decisions regarding posting schedule yet to be made.

So why am I posting about not yet having a posting schedule?  And why is my first post on a board gaming blog about blogging instead of board gaming? Good questions!

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