Customer Service Wonders

Do you have a customer service horror story?  Maybe you were left on hold until half past forever. Perhaps you encountered customer service representatives who were uninformed, rude, or a day-ruining combination of both. Sometimes, it takes several days and multiple phone calls and emails describing the problem to get a solution to the simplest of issues.

I have my fair share of customer service horror stories.

But this isn’t one of them.

Last holiday season, I ordered a copy of Viral from an online board game retailer and gave it to one of my sons for Christmas.  The game had arrived new in shrink, but when it was opened, one of the gray player’s cards was missing, effectively reducing the maximum player count for my copy of the game. I reached out to Arcane Wonders via the Contact Us form on their website, explained the situation, and settled in to wait.

I received email the very next day apologizing for the missing component and informing me that the company would definitely send a replacement.  A few days after that, the next email arrived, containing tracking information. The package containing the replacement component arrived a couple of days later.

The weight of the package was confusing, until I opened it and found they had gone above and beyond my request. In addition to a full replacement deck, my package contained a player board for the gray player and a promo card.

Excellent work, Arcane Wonders! I don’t know how arcane your customer service is, but it is certainly a wonder. Thank you; I look forward to owning many more of your games.

I’d love to learn about my readers’ experiences with gaming-related customer service. What are your stories?

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