Welcome to onthindice.com!  Expect to see reviews, reflections, and all sorts of thoughts about the board game hobby and various things surrounding it. As of August 2018, the site is still under construction, with decisions regarding posting schedule yet to be made.

So why am I posting about not yet having a posting schedule?  And why is my first post on a board gaming blog about blogging instead of board gaming? Good questions!

I blame Jamey Stegmaier. I recently searched for information on starting a board gaming blog, as this URL has been sitting here collecting nothing but my good intentions for…longer than I care to admit. One of the links led to me to his Kickstarter Lesson #52: Write a Blog, a post from September 2013. Now, I’m not even sort of thinking about Kickstarting anything, but the advice in that lesson has the ring of simple truth. If you check it out, consider making time to read some of the comments, especially if you’re a Gloomhaven fan.

My big hangup with getting started has always been that I’m passionate about this hobby, but I don’t have a Big Idea for what I want to accomplish here, and I didn’t want to post until I had my first several posts written, until I’d committed to a posting schedule, until I had decided where else I want to focus my efforts. You’ll notice there are way too many “until” statements there.

I’m putting aside my “until” and “but first” statements and just saying hello to all you wonderful people out in Gaming Land.

Do you have a blog? What made you decide to start it, and how did you begin?

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